Walker's Sawmill

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About The Process

The logs range from twenty to thirty inches in diameter and can be as short as five feet or as long as sixteen in length. The log is then cut by a fifty-two inch circular saw.

Then, the wood is stacked to be air dried for a minimum period of one year for each inch of thickness. All pieces are either face jointed on either the twenty-four inch jointer or the twenty-five inch planer. A draw knife is then used to round the corners of the end grain and edges of the benches. They are then sanded for optimal smoothness by one hundred-twenty grit sandpaper.

Next, holes are bored through the tops in order to secure the legs. A peg is then secured into the surface with a an elm wedge. The one and three-eighth inch diameter pegs start off at 6 inches long, are hand made by a lathe in order to ensure long lasting strength and durability.

Uniquely mounting the legs at a fifteen degree angle creates a functional and attractive bench.